Our Privacy Policy

Community Networks Learning Repository

Your privacy and rights over your personal data is very important to us, and this Privacy Policy describes how we collect and use your information when you use any of the services of the Repository.

We use what the law considers Personal Identifiable Information (PII) in order to fulfill the objectives of the Repository. This PII can be used to identify, contact or locate a single person and that is why it is protected by the law.

1. Name and address of the responsible entity

Association for Progressive Communications (APC), Melville, 2109, South Africa. privacy@apc.org

2. Services of the Repository

This Repository is a collective initiative to support communitary communication projects by storing, sharing, and exchanging content created by communities around the globe. These resources can be publications, audios, videos, training guides, websites, among others. The users can submit content and the committee in charge of the curation will publish and distribute it in the Repository after validation.

2.1. Personal information we collect

When you create an account in the Repository to use the services it offers, such as newsletter, surveys, polls, upload content, navigate the website or something related to these actions, we collect information for these purposes:

  • Statistics: time, date, duration, Internet Protocol (IP) number of your connection, for internal use and analysis to better understand how the members of the Repository use the different services. 
  • Cookies: we use cookies because they are necessary for the website to function and that basic actions are available, such as navigation and access to safe zones. You can choose to turn off all or some cookies through your browser (Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, etc.).
  • Send periodic emails with the purpose of sharing new resources, to inform any changes in the Repository or its Policies, events, in case you subscribe to the newsletter. 
  • Being able to respond to the requests the user has (email, phone inquiries).
  • Personalize your experience in the Repository, that can be the possibility that you have to create your own compilations with content of your interest once you create an account. 
  • Maintain a healthy and safe environment on the platform. 

2.2. Treatment of the PII

We don’t sell, trade or transfer to third parties your personal identifiable information collected or submitted at this  Repository. 

We don’t transfer your information to external parties, other than the administration of the Repository for the purposes previously detailed. We will only release information when  previously consulted with the data owner, or in order to comply with the law, or to enforce our site policies.

Any information such as website statistics described in this policy or personally identifiable information that you have willingly shared with us is protected with encryption on our servers. 

3. How will we notify any changes in our Privacy Policy?

The most recent version of our Policy will always be available on the website. The changes will be notified through a pop-up on the website or via e-mail and as a user you will have the option to continue or not enjoying the services that the Repository has to offer.

4. Your rights

If you have an account or use any service of the Repository, you can exercise your rights to verifying, modifying or deleting your personal data. In case of a request related to the exercise of any other rights, of your personal data can be entered via e-mail and must have the following information:

  1. Name of the owner of the PII
  2. A document that credits the ownership of the data
  3. A clear description of the PII of which you would like to exercise a right on
  4. The query on your PII (verifying, modifying or deleting)
  5. Elements that will allow us to find the PII in question (your account, what service did you use)


5. Contact us

  • For any queries or complaints related to your personal data, please contact us: cnlearning@apc.org