Pedagogical Manual for Social Exchanges

This manual is an invitation to motivate and strengthen local and circular economies based on the recognition of community processes, resources and needs. The reader will find a path of 5 modules that will allow him/her to understand the relevance of traditional forms of exchanges and to find strategies to identify, value and optimize them through the use of digital technologies such as time banks. Through this manual we want to support with practical and methodological tools, the design and development of local networks of communication and exchanges that correspond to the needs, dreams, worldviews and dynamics of each community. The content is inspired by the experience of the project “Community Communication Networks for the Strengthening of Social Exchange” and the accompaniment provided by Colnodo and Turimetria in the year 2022 for the design, management and sustainability of the “Poliniza Network” in the municipality of La Macarena, Meta, in central eastern Colombia.


Dana Beltrán, Erika Téllez, Julián Latorre and Laura Sánchez (Colnodo) y Matías Escudero (Turimetria)

Year Published


Country / Region of focus

Global South


Addresses basic elements of the subject, no prior knowledge is required


Network Type

Community-Based Network

License Type


Item Type

​Training Guide​



Specific Subject - Social

Organizational and Business Models

Specific Subject - Technical

Local content and services

Specific Subject - Economic

Sustainability & Scalability

Specific Subject - Regulatory


Gender Perspective


Accesible to people with visual or hearing impairments


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